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Certainly not!  We are at your service to help you in any way possible. We have many other services, but too many to list.  Email or Call for more information!

Simply put, we can look at what you have and quote you on what it would take to bring that project up to date with the latest iterations of programming technologies.

Is our way of saying that if you are looking for a great team to work with you to design, create, test, make any changes necessary, publish, host, use your host, and most of all make you extremely happy... that's what we do. 

"SEO/Analytics/Social Media" refers to another team on our staff that is "most excellent" at what they do!  Making sure through the usage of Search Engine Optimization and multiple analytics research formulas, as well as, connecting with your existing (or creating new) Social Media accounts for you. Weekly monitoring & tweaking ensures your success in marketing to YOUR CUSTOMERS! All of this is done "in-house", No third-party outsourcing on our watch! 

We know that there are multiple thousands of places to host your finished product, whether it is proprietary hosting (ie: Godaddy, etc.) that are vying for your attention, but are they right for your project?  At SentriSoft, we know exactly what your project needs.  We match the hosting to what is best for your project.

Yes, we are able to design and install not only MySQL Databases but, many other database types including any other "SQL" designation.  So many variances in the types of DB's, some are overkill.  Don't be duped into a more elaborate schema than what is necessary for your project.  Exorbitant costs can be a real downer.  If you are in need of information as to what DB would be best for you, simply call or email us.  We'll be glad to discuss it with you.

About Us...

In late 2009, a ragtag "group" of one, "moi", started this endeavor by creating a sizeable web-based program! Prior to this, the largest thing I had ever done was to create small forms & apps, quite a few websites for (mostly small companies, friends, strangers,) anyone that would let me! The "bug" had bitten me! I fell in love with this way of life; late nights, little sleep, lots of coffee, the occasional yelling at an inanimate object, falling asleep with my fingers on the keyboard and typing "# include < string >>>>>>" all the while maintaining a "day job".  Thus, I had to give in, quit my "day job" and SentriSoft was born.

Now, many years later, with a modest gathering of like-minded, "code-wielding warriors", who love building something that not only becomes a source of pride, but also becomes a vital link between you, your customers, clients, vendors, patients and the world! We love doing what we do, making new friends & clients.  We also look forward to hearing from you!  -sen

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